The primary reason Vivature was formed was to help colleges and universities manage the process of compliance in a medical environment.

We have never found an athletic department that is 100% compliant. Our goal was to help schools achieve a level of compliance that mitigated the exposure associated with running a medical clinic. Although all universities are subject to HITECH 2009, which in summary says that medical records are to be treated like any other student record thus keeping making the ultimate rule to follow FERPA, there are still aspects of each schools daily practices that do require they meet HIPAA standards as a covered entity. This is mainly due to the schools sharing and sending protected health information (PHI) to outside parties.


Are You 100% Compliant? With Vivature, All Documentation is Kept Secure…

Vivature’s NExTT software helps to mitigate these risks, by insuring that all documentation is kept secure and measures are put in place so that ATC’s don’t make an unintended violation patient privacy.  Vivature’s best practice ideas will give the AD’s peace of mind as well as oversight of the athletic training room by providing them on demand data through the system.