NCAA Championship


The following is information that is needed for each person that will be tested during the Championship Event. Please use Secure HIPAA and FERPA Compliant File Sharing link below, to transmit your data.


Step 1: Registering Your Entire Athletic Roster:

Please follow Instructions below. Please use the Secure HIPAA and FERPA Compliant File Sharing link in Step 2, to transmit your data.

 Who do you provide Information About: Players, Team Health Officer(s), Coaches, Staff, Medical Staff, Equipment Managers, Bus Drivers, or anyone else associated with your program that may attend a Championship Event

Information Needed for Each Person

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • School ID# or other unique identification number for Non-School Participants (i.e. SSN)
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Sport
    • Classification (Fr, So, Jr, Sr, coach, staff, bus driver, etc.)
    • Email
    • Cell Number (required for notification purposes)

There are additional fields required are mandatory for many of the county health reports, please provide this information:

    • Race – (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, White, Unknown)
    • Hispanic / Non-Hispanic
    • (For Females Only) Are you currently pregnant? Yes/No/Unknown

There will be communication forthcoming on the contact tracing information need. We will ask you to provide us your individual sports travel schedules, room assignment, etc. prior to the Championships.

Most of you already use a software platform that has this information. Vivature’s software system can accept exports from almost any existing software platforms. Below are a list of some commonly used software’s that we know have this information and ability to export the information into an .xls or .csv file.  If you do not use any of these, but have the ability to export from your own database, simply send the file you have.

    • ARMS
    • Jump Forward
    • Teamworks
    • ATS
    • Sportsware
    • SIMS
    • HealthEathlete
    • People Soft
    • Banner
    • Presagia
    • Any other system that can export data to .xls, .csv

Once you have downloaded the information:

Once you have downloaded the file (must be in .xls or .csv) please follow the following steps:

  1. Naming your File is very important:

Please name your file this way

 your school name NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP Division Roster

 Example: Miami University NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP Division I Roster

Follow Steps 2 & 3

Step 2: Registering Your Team Health Officer

Please Provide:

    • Full Name
    • School
    • Sport
    • Current Role at your school
    • Best Email while at Championship
    • Best Cell Phone while at Championship

Once you have this information on an excel file or word document:

Once you have downloaded the file please follow the following steps:

  1. Naming your File is very important:

Please name your file this way

 your school name Team Health Officer and Division

 Example: Miami University Team Health Officer Division I

Follow Step 3

Step 3: Sending Your Files

Click on this Secure HIPAA and FERPA Compliant link:

Once Opened:

Drag and Drop your files (with the correct naming protocol) into the dropbox. You are done!

DEADLINE 2/12/21– If you cannot meet this deadline, please contact Vivature at once, by emailing All potential participants and travelers MUST be in the database upon arrival so they can be tested. If they are not in the database, the person will not be able to be tested and CLEARED for participation in the championship.


Q: Can I put all of my roster information on 1 Excel sheet, or do I need to put each sport on a separate Tab?

A: Whichever is easiest for you

Q. How do I download the Athlete’s KONGiQ App?


Q: For the Team Health Officer, what if I have multiple THO’s for multiple sports?  How do I submit multiple people? 

A: Enter each THO’s information and then indicate which sport(s) they are covering. We understand the THO is also subject to change.

Q. How do I get my User Name and Password for the Apps?

A. Call your Client Success Team today and they will be happy to help you!

  • Mandi Holcomb – Northwest Territory 972-367-4812
  • Justyn Bell – Pacific & Midwest Territories – 972-367-4836
  • Michael Bolsinger – Central Territory – 972-367-4826


Q. How do I download the ADMIN App for KONGiQ for our ATC’s and Team Health Officers?


Q: Do I need to enter a dual sport athletes multiple times on the roster?

A: No. Enter the athlete’s name one time, but indicate that they are in multiple sports (Include the sports)

Q: Are the additional mandatory questions about Race, Hispanic/non-Hispanic and Pregnancy Status answered in the KONGiQ App or should they be on the initial upload? 

 A: These should be part of the initial upload.

Q: I don’t have our athlete’s Race/Hispanic non-Hispanic/Pregnancy Status information that is mandated, where would I find this?

A: If your athletes have gotten COVID-19 testing performed either on Campus or referred to a local Lab, that information is likely stored with the Campus Nurse or Lab Clinician in charge of their medical records. Depending on your local County and State Reporting Guidelines, they are typically required to report this information, along with the test results of the individuals, and therefore could quickly provide you with a spreadsheet containing this information.

Q: Do I really need to submit the other travel party info right now?

A: No. But you will need to have this in the system prior to arrival at a Championship event.

Q. My athletes have downloaded the KONGiQ App. Are there any additional training videos?

A. Scan (or click) QR Code for a quick “How To”





Q: Can people be added later or is it better to list everyone who could possibly travel with a team for the rest of the year?

A: You will be able to make changes to your travel party and their information (add, edit and remove).

Q: When it comes to international athletes, what information are you looking for or what do you recommend for these individuals who only have an international phone number and not a US phone number?

A: Please indicate that the student is an international athlete and make sure you have provided their email address. This will be required for Two-Party Authentication on the KONGiQ App.

Q: Can I just submit the teams I “think” are going to make it to a Championship and then if an unexpected team qualifies, add them later?

A: No. This is exactly what needs to be avoided. We will not be able to take last minute preparations and provide all the needed steps to ensure your Athletic Team Rosters are properly entered into the database. If someone is not in the database, they CANNOT BE TESTED, which means no participation.

Q: Do we have to provide the Bus Driver information now?

A: No. If you have this info, please provide it. If not, you can add it later when you do have this information.

Q: I am being asked for a “School Code”, what is this?

A: Double-check your website page you were on. There should not be a code required to drop your files. Click here for the HIPPA and FERPA secured dropbox link.

Q: We already use Vivature’s EMR for our athletic rosters. Do we still need to follow the steps?

A: You only need to send us the following information:

  • Staff
  • Coaches
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Anyone else that may travel with the teams
  • Check your current rosters in NExTT and make sure they are complete
  • Submit the THO Information
  • Submit Race, Hispanic/Non-Hispanic, Pregnancy information on everyone.  Unknown is an acceptable answer.

Please work with your current Vivature Account Manager to help you.

Q: What if I need to make Roster changes after the deadline?

A: Your designated Client Success team member will contact you once your Rosters are entered, to analyze the data we received for your approval. They will show you how to make any last minute changes, quickly and easily.


…more questions? We have answers!

Pacific & Midwest Territory: Justyn Bell (972) 367-4836

Central Territory: Michael Bolsinger (972) 367-4826

Northeast Territory: Mandi Holcomb (972) 367-4812

All potential participants and travelers MUST be in the database upon arrival so they can be tested. If they are not in the database, the person will not be able to be tested and CLEARED for participation in the championship.