Cam Clark
Head Athletic Trainer

“Using the heck out of NormaTec, which is provided by Vivature. Athletes love them. Especially my catchers. I think I’ve got the system down now. Great for post op knees.”

Thorr Bjorn
Director of Athletics

“We are thrilled to partner with Vivature to help enhance our ability to provide the highest possible care to our student athletes. Our Student athletes’ health and well-being is our greatest responsibility. Vivature provides state of the art technology to assist our athletic training team in tracking our student athlete injuries.”

Shane Venteicher
Head Athletic Trainer

“The importance of recording and documenting our scholar athlete’s healthcare has always been a priority at Allen Community College and now the NExTT software has made it so quick and simple for us to compliant in the training room, with the touch screen kiosk and user-friendly software. We are happy to join Vivature in this partnership.”


Jeremy Teblum, MSEd, ATC, LAT
Assistant Athletic Trainer

“Vivature spearheaded getting all of our international student athletes on a BCBS plan instead of one of the terrible options offered via the school. Our client service rep, Rochelle, worked endlessly with the BCBS broker and myself to get all the proper information and documentation. Her work in getting this done will save our department at least $20k in the fall semester alone. Athletic Training is a team approach to treating patients, in our case student athletes. I know she does not work for us, but Rochelle and the Vivature team has played a large role in improving our student athletes well being.”

Brenda Higgins, EdD, APRN-BC
Director, Student Health Center

“Working with the responsive, dedicated Vivature staff has been such an important part of the success of our billing program. We have been amazed at the revenue we have been able to generate in our first year and the process has been relatively painless. Parents and students alike are appreciative that we are able to bill insurances, just like they are accustomed to at home. We look forward to the additional benefit of Vivature’s EMR, which will be provided to us at no additional cost.”

Bradly Pruett
  Director of Sports Medicine

“St. Bonaventure University Sports Medicine is extremely excited and honored to partner with Vivature, Inc. This partnership will allow us to revolutionize the standard of care we deliver to our student-athletes here at St. Bonaventure, in turn enhancing the student-athlete experience and their performance. I truly believe that Vivature is the vehicle that will take us where we need to go in terms of delivering high-major athletic health-care at a smaller, private institution. I am tremendously thankful for Lance Wilson and his awesome staff at Vivature for helping us make this dream a reality and foresee a bright future ahead for this partnership.”




Debi Corbatto
Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance

“Vivature’s expertise with injury tracking software will allow our staff to perform their care in a more organized and efficient manner, continuing our efforts to enhance our commitment to the student-athlete’s well-being. The partnership with Vivature will help us accomplish that mission while also creating a new revenue stream through the company’s unique billing solutions.”

Amos Mansfield
  Assistant AD and Director of Athletic Medicine

“We are excited to partner with Vivature. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we have been tasked with finding ways to continue to deliver exceptional care to our student-athletes. By generating revenue from athletic training services that we provide, we will be able to reinvest in the care and prevention of athletic injuries and illnesses.”

Dr. Jared Sumsion
  Senior Associate Athletic Director

“Vivature is on the cutting edge of current health care management systems. Their seamless billing solutions and electronic medical records platform will provide an ongoing revenue stream that will be reinvested back into our sports medicine facilities. We are delighted to partner with an innovative industry leader who, along with our dedicated Intermountain Healthcare Doctors and UVU Athletic Trainers, focus on the quality of care our student-athletes receive.”

Jon Palumbo
Deputy Director of Athletics

“We are excited about our new relationship with Vivature. They will enhance the efficiency of our sports medicine operation and provide a new revenue stream that will allow us to provide the best possible care for our student-athletes.”

Bart Belew
  Assistant Athletics Director for Athletic Training Services

“We are proud to join the Vivature team. Vivature will protect UT Martin from a risk and liability standpoint by keeping our medical records safe and secure. Vivature can also potentially reduce the cost of student-athlete healthcare expenses and generate our university a consistent revenue stream at no cost.”

Betsy Feutz
  Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performace

“Lindenwood is excited to partner with Vivature. Vivature provides a great opportunity for us to better serve our student-athletes, athletic department and University.”

Tom Shirley
Director of Athletics

“Vivature is the industry leader for current athletic training room systems. Their electronic medical records platform and seamless billing solutions will provide an ongoing revenue stream that will be reinvested back into our sports medicine staffing and facilities. We are delighted to partner with an innovative leader who, along with our dedicated doctors and athletic trainers, focus on the quality of care our student-athletes receive.”
 “I am really impressed with the product, with Vinnie Moore and obviously the opportunity for a small school to potentially generate a fairly sizable revenue check.”

Patrick Atwell
  Director of Athletics

“Culver-Stockton is extremely excited to enter into this partnership with Vivature. The software that they provide to us as a third party billing agent with greatly assist us in streamlining our operation in the athletic training room and provide the type of detailed information that athletics departments are craving. We have received rave reviews from other colleges who have partnered with Vivature in recent years and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”


Tony Duckworth
Head Athletic Trainer

“Northeastern State University recently completed our first full year partnering with Vivature. The revenue generated through the Vivature platform enabled RiverHawks Athletics to fund our first ever full-time speed, strength and conditioning coach. We are excited to continue our relationship with Vivature this coming year.”


Brady Barke
  Director of Athletics

“The health and wellness of our student-athletes continues to be a priority for us.  Our partnership with Vivature will enable us to reinvest into our sports medicine facility to further enhance the quality of care we provide to our student-athletes.  Vivature’s industry leading health care management system will allow us to provide better care in a more efficient and organized manner, without raising out-of-pocket costs for our student-athletes and their families.” 


Ruth Blankenship
   VP for Finance, Administration and Advancement

“Bluefield College is proud to be joining other mid-south conference schools partnering with Vivature. This partnership allows us to be providing enhanced sports medicine services and experiences for student athletes at Bluefield College that otherwise could not be possible without Vivature. We are excited to begin this journey to kick off our 2017-2018 athletic season and look forward to a long positive partnership.”

Russell Allen
  Director of Athletics

“We are excited to partner with Vivature.  Not only is it a wise financial move, but it ensures a high level of compliance with the various regulations we are expected to abide by.”

Brian Wiese

Associate Athletic Director

“…we have increased our quality, frequency and compliance with injury documentation through use of the system. Our insurance coordinator has been very happy with the transition, as it has decreased the amount of administrative time she has to spend on claims. Our contacts are commendable customer service agents who are easily accessible to our personnel and respond quickly and appropriately to our needs”
Vivature Athletic and health centers holding checks they received