“We are excited to partner with Vivature to strengthen the sports medicine care we provide our student-athletes. Vivature’s expertise in managing student-athlete healthcare will allow Muskingum to generate a new line of revenue and provide a reinvestment back into the Muskingum student-athlete experience.”

Steve Brockelbank

Vice President and Athletic Director, Muskingum University

Vivature welcomes Muskingum University as partners this week, signing a 2-year contract. This partnership will allow Muskingum the opportunity upgrade their Fighting Muskies Athletic Training Rooms with the highest level of cutting-edge technology available today for their student-athletes, as well as capitalize on the revenue generated that can be reinvested back into their athletics department.


The software will empower us to take our documentation to the next level, using advanced technology” added Muskingum Head Athletic Trainer, Aimee Cline. “Thus, creating an optimal environment to achieve our goal of providing our student-athletes with exceptional care.”


We are honored to work with truly dedicated leaders such as Steve Brockelbank. Everyone knows, a winning team is led by a positive spirit. He has a ‘we can make this happen’ attitude, and is totally invested into the Muskingum student-athletes healthcare” stated Lance Wilson, Vivature’s Executive Vice President. He went on to add, “Their priorities concerning their student-athletes’ healthcare is now ours and we take that very seriously here at Vivature. I highly anticipate this to be a lucrative partnership”.

 Muskingum University, located in New Concord, Ohio, fields 22 NCAA Division lll intercollegiate sports and are known as one of the first and longest affiliated members of the Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC). The Muskingum University Athletic Department also announced recently, that it will launch eSports as a new varsity intercollegiate sport during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Vivature is a Dallas, Texas based firm with hundreds of collegiate partners. Vivature uses an enterprise-level single database, VIVAiQ (formerly known as “NExTT”) software to make athletic departments by properly recording student-athlete activities in a quick and easy fashion. The VIVAiQ software has multiple modules to handle any school’s needs – Nutrition, Counseling, Academic software for tutors, Team communication, Event scheduling, Custom online documents, Camp software, and Strength & Conditioning. 

For media inquiries or more information please contact: 

Lance Wilson, Executive Vice President at lwwilson@vivature.com or call 972-687-1877


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