University of Nebraska announces Partnership with Vivature for Rapid Antigen Testing

In a press release article today, University of Nebraska announces their contract with Vivature, which has partnered with Quidel, Nebraska has already received 1,200 test kits. In the article, NU stated they will get Quidel’s Sofia-2 Analyzer machine by the end of this week and expects to incorporate the antigen testing into existing testing protocols by the end of next week.
An excerpt from the article went on to state that the antigen test, which can utilize a less-invasive swab in the front of the nose, could be administered to players, coaches and staff the night before a game — in the hotel, for example — and tested for immediate results at the NAPL.
In summarizing the article, having the materials in East Stadium, (Nebraska football chief of staff Gerrod Lambrecht) said, is “a huge advantage” for Nebraska. Click here to Read the Full Article.

Nebraska would be able to test football team night before a game with processing lab in Memorial Stadium.


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