ETBU’s Tigers Athletic Training room and Sports Medicine Clinic has just received a huge facelift. They have recently purchased two John Deere Gators, a Cold Daddy Cold Chiller, a new Whirlpool and renovated two athletic training rooms. All with the help of Vivature, generated by billing insurance for their athletes’ medical care in their Sports Medicine Clinic.

“Through partnering with Vivature for our sports medicine needs, we have been able to generate the funding to support our student-athletes in various ways.  The consistent revenue has allowed us to renovate two athletic training rooms over the past 3 years. We have been able to purchase equipment to enhance the care of our student-athletes that we might not have ordinarily been able to prior to working with Vivature. The EMR system has allowed my staff to become both more proficient and diligent in regard to record keeping, improving the standard of care within our department”

Marcus Holliday, MA, ATC, LAT, CES

Head Athletic Trainer, East Texas Baptist University

Prior to the partnership with Dallas-based firm, Vivature, the funds simply were not in the budget. When Don Stowers first approached ETBU’s Athletic Director, they were hesitant. No one had ever attempted to streamline their injury tracking documentation system before, with integrating medical insurance billing too. While the thought was intriguing, the nagging doubt was still there about the revenue it would generate.

After witnessing 2 other Universities (also in the American Southwest Conference) start to generate impressive revenue, ETBU contacted Vivature and signed a contract. Within 6 months, ETBU had monthly checks coming in.

“All of us at Vivature were proud to partner with East Texas Baptist University and provide their Tiger’s Athletics Department a resourceful and effective way for documentation of treatment, therapy, and reports. But we were especially excited to see their Sports Medicine Clinic upgraded with the resources our joined forces help provide. The proof of a very fruitful partnership!”, added Vivature’s Executive Vice President, Lance Wilson.

The athletic program at East Texas Baptist University fields 22 NCAA men’s & women’s sports as well as 6 Intramural Sports. ETBU is a member in the American Southwest Conference (ASC) Division, competing at the Division III level.

ABOUT VIVATURE Dallas, Texas based firm was recently named one of the “Top 25 Emerging Sports Technology Firms” in the country, and now has more than 400 collegiate partners. Vivature uses a $20+ million enterprise-level single database, and their VIVAiQ (formerly known as “NExTT”) software to make college and university sports medicine departments compliant with all federal and state medical regulations by properly recording student-athlete injuries and treatments being conducted as required by law, as well as providing the NExTT 360 solution by recording and improving student-athlete care in the areas of Nutrition, Counseling, Academic Counseling and Strength & Conditioning (KONGiQ).

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