Dallas, TX

“Teneor votis” (I am bound by my responsibilities) is the age old motto for Holy Family University. Today, they proved to stand true to their vow to their student-athletes by signing a 3-year agreement with Vivature.

Holy Family University fields 12 Division II intercollegiate teams with over 150 proud Tigers Student-Athletes, that compete in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC).

Holy Family University is pleased to announce our partnership with Vivature as a means of enhancing our commitment to our student-athletes. Our athletic trainers are excited and looking forward to the additional security measures, the more efficient and effective record keeping software, and the implementation of policies and procedures to properly safeguard our student-athletes’ health and well-being.”-Said Holy Family’s Assistant Vice President of Athletics, Sandra Michael

We welcome such a great University like Holy Family, who are devoted to their welfare obligation of their student-athletesStated Vivature CEO, Muzzy Bass. “We vow, along with our dedicated staff at Vivature, to focus on helping their student-athletes continue to receive that quality of care as well as generate new finances into their Athletics Department.”

Vivature, based in Dallas, TX, has over 400 collegiate partners (220+ actively billing) using a variety of services and has recently been named a Top 25 emerging Sports Technology Firm in sports. Using a 20 million-dollar enterprise-level single database, Vivature’s clients use their NExTT 360 software to record injuries and treatments being conducted on student-athletes, as well as record and track their activities in Nutrition, Counseling, Academic Counseling and Strength & Conditioning. NExTT 360 is the first software in America that integrates in entire student-athlete cycle into one. Having a tool like NExTT 360 allows the University to protect themselves from liability and in adherence with all laws and regulations without any change to their current processes, or adding headcount or new expenses.

For media inquiries or more information please contact: Lance Wilson, Executive Vice President at, or call 1-972-687-1877.