KONG IQ just signed an agreement with Missouri Western State University (MWSU), making MWSU the first NCAA Division II Athletic Department in the country to move towards a single database for sports medicine & sports performance. KONGiQ, powered by Vivature, sets a new standard when it comes to measuring athletic performance data, as the only strength and conditioning software that tracks velocity, force, distance,and effort; using a three-dimensional robotic tilt-camera and a large-scale enterprise-level software. KONG IQ allows your strength & conditioning staff the ability to work in conjunction with other departments to improve the overall well-being of each student-athlete. KONGiQ was developed by Vivature and is in the same database that records student-athlete activities in Nutrition, Behavioral Health, Academic Counseling, Athletic Training and now Strength & Conditioning. This is the first software in America that integrates the student-athlete life-cycle into one platform.

KONG IQ sets a new standard when it comes to measuring athletic performance data. As the only strength and conditioning software program that measures strength performance with 3D Robotic-Tilt Cameras, KONG IQ lets your strength & conditioning program offer something no other can—all while making the data collection process easier for your staff no matter the sport.



Established in 1915, Missouri Western State University is located in St. Joseph, Missouri and has not only been the summer training camp for Kansas City Chiefs since 2010, but also proud home to the Griffons. They field 16 Intercollegiate sports teams that compete at the NCAA ll level in the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA).

The KONG IQ strength & conditioning equipment is to be installed in Missouri Western State University’s $15.7 million facility called the Griffon Indoor Sports Complex. It contains a climate-controlled, 120-yard NFL regulation grass indoor field, with a locker room, weight room, training room, classrooms and office space.


Needless to say, Vivature is very proud to expand our services at Missouri Western. The statement (Director of Athletics) Josh Looney has made by choosing KONGiQ exemplifies his commitment to his student-athletes.” –Stated Vivature’s Executive Vice President and Inventor of KONG IQ, Lance Wilson.

“I am proud to partner with Missouri Western. Greg Carbin is a standout strength coach who sees the value of velocity-based training. Missouri Western has set themselves apart from the rest of the Division II world with their commitment to high quality data and improved safety for their athletes”- Daniel Lanni, KONG IQ Sales Manager

Partnering with Kong IQ allows our sports performance and athletic training staff to operate more effectively and efficiently while prioritizing the athletic development, health, and safety of our student-athletes. In addition to the obvious advantages Kong IQ provides our athletic department, it also opens doors to expanded partnerships and research opportunities with professors and students in MWSU’s HPER program.” – Josh Looney, MWSU Director of Athletics

Kong IQ will allow us to keep up with the most current training trends in the strength & conditioning industry, at the highest level. This technology will help us better assess and monitor our athletes fatigue levels, and reduce the chances that the athletes will over train. The high-speed cameras at each rack will enable our staff to incorporate velocity-based training in a way that wasn’t feasible for us in the past. We are grateful to the Kong IQ staff and our director of athletics, Josh Looney, for making this a reality for our student athletes.” – Greg Carbin, MWSU Director of Sports Performance

About Vivature
Vivature, based in Dallas, TX, has over 400 collegiate partners utilizing a variety of services. They have recently been named Top Sports Technology Firm in sports. Operating a 20 million-dollar enterprise-level single database, Vivature’s clients use their NExTT 360 software to record injuries and treatments being conducted on student-athletes, as well as record and track their activities in Nutrition Counseling, Academic Study Hall, Behavioral Health Counseling and Strength & Conditioning (KONGiQ) tracking. NExTT 360 is the first software in America that integrates the student-athlete life-cycle into one platform. Having a tool like NExTT 360 allows the University to protect themselves from liability, stay in compliance with all current laws and regulations, improve departmental communication, all without any change to their existing process or having to add new headcount or expenses.