Dallas, TX – Youngstown State University has put pen to paper and secured an impressive 5-year deal with Vivature estimated to be worth a million dollars to the athletic department. By contracting with Vivature, the Penguins will now offer the latest cutting-edge technology to help streamline their medical documentation efforts while generating a new revenue stream. Vivature’s NExTT software has allowed YSU to achieve this without adding any new headcount or new workload for the medical staff. In fact, the medical staff will continue to perform the same duties as they do today but will reduce the amount of administrative work by as much as 20%.

Located in Youngstown, Ohio, Youngstown State University fields 17 intercollegiate NCAA l teams in the Horizon League, while their football team competes as members of the Missouri Valley Football Conference. YSU is the only Division l program in America to proudly have the mascot Penguins for its athletic teams.

“We are pleased to partner with Vivature to help enhance our ability to provide the highest possible care to our student athletes along with keeping our Athletic Training staff compliant with injury documentation” said Ethan Solger, Youngstown’s Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer. “Our Student athletes’ health and well-being is our greatest responsibility. Vivature provides state-of-the-art technology to assist our athletic training team in tracking our student athlete injuries.”

“Vivature is thrilled to partner with Youngstown State University. I am excited to watch the department flourish over the next few years with this newly generated revenue and become more compliant and protect themselves from the lawsuits that continue to sprinkle the collegiate landscape. The revenue is the icing on the proverbial cake; The cake is the compliance made by using our NExTT software to help lock down the compliance needed to keep the schools out of legal issues associated with medical record keeping” stated Vivature Executive Vice President, Lance Wilson. “Our technology will take a load off their athletic trainers so they can focus more on what they most want to do; rehabilitation and medical care for their athletes, plain and simple. The NExTT reporting tools and Kiosks help Sports Medicine Directors to ensure all injuries and treatments get documented by the Athletic Training staff and other medical providers working in the training room. Most athletes receive the best medical care of their lives. However, the lack of high quality electronic medical records software for athletic trainers prohibit the medical staff from properly recording all of the medical work they perform on the athletes, leaving opportunity for legal repercussions. Youngstown State has taken the first step to reverse this problem.”

About Vivature
Vivature, INC., based in Dallas, TX, has over 500 total partners utilizing a variety of services, such as NExTT software, KONGiQ, Revenue Generation, Verification of Insurance, Secondary Insurance, Claims Discounting, and consulting services. Vivature is one of the Top Sports Technology Firms in the country, operating a proprietary enterprise-level single-entry database, featuring the NExTT software to record injuries and treatments being conducted on student-athletes. NExTT also allows medical documentation and tracking of activities in Nutrition Counseling, Academic Study Hall, Behavioral Health Counseling and Strength & Conditioning (KONGiQ). NExTT is the first software in America that integrates the student-athlete life-cycle into one platform. Having a tool like NExTT allows the University to protect themselves from liability, stay in compliance with all current laws and regulations, improve departmental communication, all without changes to their existing processes or adding new headcount or expenses.