(Featured left to right: Vivature Representative, Don Stowers, Head Athletic, Trainer Kyle Bowles and Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Wesley Kluck)

As a follow up to their very first revenue check with billing partners at Vivature, (read story HERE), Ouachita Baptist University’s Sports Medicine Department received an impressive total of $126,258.41 for the 2019 year. This revenue was generated by billing for the medical services provided in their Sports Medicine Clinic.

Dallas-based Vivature’s representative Don Stowers traveled to Arkansas with the check portraying OBU’s 2019 collections, and presented it to their staff and Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Kluck. The athletic training staff stated the regular checks have been used to upgrade their training rooms with a new therapeutic cold tub, an ice machine, a new John Deere Gator and they are currently in the middle of a Football Training Room renovation. These much needed upgrades and renovations were all funded with the Vivature revenue. They are excited about their plans to hire not just one but two new Athletic Trainers to further benefit their athletes healthcare.

“Being a former college athlete that benefited from the time and effort my athletic trainer spent with me, it’s always been a personal goal of mine to help recognize the athletic trainers for the remarkable work they perform every day.  I truly feel the recognition they are getting by our billing solution, that it will continue to raise awareness of the vital role they play in every athletic department.  As a side note, it is nice to see the Sports Medicine Departments around the country, like Ouachita Baptist, make huge improvements in their training rooms from the revenue they have generated from our program”, said Vivature’s Executive Vice President, Lance Wilson.

Ouachita Baptist University fields 15 intercollegiate teams in the Great American Conference, including Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Football and Women’s Softball. OBU is Division II of the NCAA.

ABOUT VIVATURE Dallas, Texas based firm was recently named one of the “Top 25 Emerging Sports Technology Firms” in the country, and now has more than 400 collegiate partners. Vivature uses a $20+ million enterprise-level single database, and their VIVAiQ (formerly known as “NExTT”) software to make college and university sports medicine departments compliant with all federal and state medical regulations by properly recording student-athlete injuries and treatments being conducted as required by law, as well as providing the NExTT 360 solution by recording and improving student-athlete care in the areas of Nutrition, Counseling, Academic Counseling and Strength & Conditioning (KONGiQ).

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